Educational Products

Many of us who originate on the Great Plains have heard this: “Education is the new buffalo.”

For our Grandparents, the connection to the buffalo was sacred because she provided food, clothing, and shelter. She was often the only source of comforts many people today take for granted. If you’ve ever been to southern Saskatchewan you might appreciate how important it was that, where trees were scarce, her droppings could be gathered and used as kindling for lifesaving fires.

In Nuu-chah-nulth territory, you might equally and profoundly substitute “whale” for buffalo. For many Innuinait, education is the new seal.

The way and where of learning has changed enormously in the past decade. At Applecross Innovations, we’re committed to helping our clients understand, then thrive, in the ever-evolving world of lifelong learning.

We provide:

Virtual classroom environments

Online learning software

Remote desktop support

Technological training

School supplies

Personal safety

Communications infrastructure