Silo Smashers

Data integration saves our clients millions each month

Applecross Innovations sells and services the full suite of Microsoft cloud-based and on-premises data solutions.

We also lead the integration and customize the systems to make data work for our clients like no other firm out there.

Case in point:

A large, industrial client had purchased multiple proprietary software systems. Each system worked for one of many specific departments (HR, finance, health and safety, prequalification, contract management, etc.), but none of them worked together.

By integrating their data using Microsoft’s unified systems, we showed that client how to save more than $6 million each month on a single project.

That eliminated $216 million of scope creep for the project’s remaining life, and set them up for success on multiple projects after.

Thank you for your business!

Case in point (2):

Another supply-chain fulfilment client manages multiple warehouses.

We began a phased rollout at one of their properties: a 90,000 sq.-ft. maze of multi-tiered industrial racking served by multiple forklifts whirring 18 hours a day in and out of five loading bays.

Typical to each location, the client used one software system for scheduling deliveries, another for scheduling employees, and one for scheduling their truck fleet. They also used one system for mapping the store, one for stocking the racks, and another for fulfilling orders.

In an operation this size, things obviously get misplaced, staff forgot to mark down where inventory was stocked, and product simply went missing.

After setting up their new environment, we were delighted when, within 45 minutes, one of the managers located a series of misplaced pallets equal to $175,000.

Not a bad return on investment.

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