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We’re stronger together – even when we’re apart

Pandemic is a terrifying word if you don’t know where to turn or have no way to meaningfully connect.

We are a proudly and fully accredited Indigenous-owned and led business, and we know that, in our communities, reliable information and supplies can be hard to come by. It’s easy to feel isolated – especially when there’s so much talk about staying isolated.

Applecross Innovations was contacted earlier today by Indigenous Services Canada about ways we might be able to help in this frightening time. And help is what we do best.

We’re coordinating with our many suppliers to make available all manner of technology, communications equipment, technical support, logistics and supply chain, and preventative supplies. We’ve also offered our services now to a number of government agencies.

To any of our relatives who may feel overwhelmed, please be in touch. We will do what we can to help – together.

Call us at (780) 623-3000 or e-mail

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