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Marie Perry and David Perry, who leads Investigative Solutions Network Inc., are two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. Graham Andrews of Applecross Innovations met up with them recently.

Applecross Innovations

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before …

A Métis kid from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan bumps into a retired Toronto Police detective and his wife. They talk for a number of hours about their many similarities and vast differences, exchange hugs, then go their separate ways as new-found friends.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, while it’s not a frequent occurrence, it’s neither joke nor fantasy. The meetings (and not completely un-self-conscious embraces) actually occurred at the Indigenous Technology Summit held on Osoyoos Indian Band this past week.

David Perry, CEO with Investigative Solutions Network Inc., retired from the Toronto Police after a 28-year career investigating some of the city’s most notorious crimes. For 13 years now, Perry and ISN have been bringing their collective expertise to all manner of investigative services.

“Non-suspicious” deaths in Thunder Bay

Following the 2015 death of Stacey DeBungee in Thunder Bay, Ont., Perry was hired by Rainy River First Nation to look into why local police so quickly labeled their community member’s death as non-suspicious. A declaration of “no foul play” was issued related to the death within hours; a conclusion that can often take weeks to properly reach.

The ham-fisted police statement was made more insulting by the fact that Stacey DeBungee, 41, died during a public inquiry into police investigations of the earlier deaths of seven Indigenous teenagers along Thunder Bay’s river system. Those seven deaths were featured in Toronto Star reporter Tanya Talaga’s award-winning book, Seven Fallen Feathers.

As documented in a feature on CBC’s Fifth Estate (a link to which is embedded below), Perry and his team were able to quickly find multiple reasons to question the investigations into Stacey DeBungee’s death.

As importantly, IPN’s work contributed to a major overhaul of Thunder Bay Police which, according to an independent overview, was characterized by “systemic racism.”

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